Horizontal Components

RnD Center for BFSI Sector, RISE Group, IIT Madras

Plug-in Modules

The horizontal components are architected to run on individual machines (bare metal or VM) or clusters.

- Ingestion Module
- Transformation Module
- Data Store Module
- Reporting/BI Module
- Management Module
- Security Module
- Rule Engine and ML Engine

Tech Stack for Horizontal Components

The ingestion/transformation modules are based on  kafka
+ flink/spark(with flare)  and can support any complex ETL requirement.

The ingestion module scales to data rates of millions of data records per second.

For low throughput but high complexity batch jobs, we also support Talend.

The data store can either be a pure RDBMS (Postgres with XL extensions) or a Hbase based tabular store with SQL support (Hawq or Trafodion). Other stores when stable, like kudu
will be added as needed in future. We believe a SQL interface is key to any operational data store.

For log writes, time series type data Cassandra/ScyllaDB
is used.

The idea is to map data to stores that do not result in a  semantic mismatch.

Performance Engineering

Finlibre components will pre-qualified for performance on large cluster hardware and commodity storage hardware to avoid any additional effort on optimal hardware sizing.

These benchmarks will be  done in conjunction with our hardware and industry partners on standard available configurations and real customer scenarios.

IIT-M is also creating the RISEMarks™ series of benchmarks to enable objective comparison of enterprise class systems
with domain specific benchmarks.

Open Source

FT @ RISE Group will incubate and host a variety of BFSI centric open source projects.

Our First Project

The first project aims to provide a comprehensive analytics and decision making
framework for the Banking and Insurance sectors.


Funding for the first project is
through CSR grants from City Union Bank Ltd.


We welcome every organization in BFSI sector to participate and reap the collective benefits.