Machine Learning, AI and BI

RnD Center for BFSI Sector, RISE Group, IIT Madras

Beyond the power of human minds....

Automated Decision support is provided via RETE based rule engines and Machine learning engines (Flink with embedded tensor flow with IIT-M extensions)

Modules for building reports and BI visualization. Standard
templates and queries provide can help accelerate report development.

It is anticipated this is where vendors will add
functionality and differentiate their product.

Possible Product Extensions

The decision making engine can be further enhanced by vendors, to do domain specific tasks such as:

- Fraud and Risk Management rules
- Anti-money Laundering rules
- Circular trading rules
- NPA detection rules
- and many more....

Open Source

FT @ RISE Group will incubate and host a variety of BFSI centric open source projects.

Our First Project

The first project aims to provide a comprehensive analytics and decision making
framework for the Banking and Insurance sectors.


Funding for the first project is
through CSR grants from City Union Bank Ltd.


We welcome every organization in BFSI sector to participate and reap the collective benefits.